ZenBusiness Review: Best & Worst Parts

ZenBusiness Review: Summary

This ZenBusiness review answers how much their LLC formation service costs, how long it takes, formation plans, features, and customer satisfaction.

  • ZenBusiness is an excellent option for business owners to help establish their businesses.
  • The first year of this service is affordable, especially if your concerns are about navigating the filing of an LLC or establishing a C Corp.
  • Compared to other plans like Incfile and Northwest Registered Agent, ZenBusiness is a bit pricey.
  • Registered agent service is an optional add-on for $99 extra.
  • ZenBusiness is a good option for those who don’t want to hire a lawyer. It will increase your chances of setting up your business correctly and paying taxes.

Although some plans lose value after the first year due to a decrease in their value, ZenBusiness can still be useful for entrepreneurs trying to navigate the challenging first year of starting businesses.

ZenBusiness helps make the process simpler and more manageable. ZenBusiness assists business owners in filing their state’s business formation documents. This allows for a more personalized experience and offers more guidance than those who do it themselves.

ZenBusiness is an attractive option for new business owners due to its low prices, quick processing times, and comprehensive services. This platform offers many benefits for new business owners, including time savings and increased peace of mind.

Better Business Bureau Rating for ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness reviews on the BBB
ZenBusiness has 238 BBB reviews and a BBB rating of A

ZenBusiness Review – Pros and Cons

ZenBusiness Pros

ZenBusiness Cons

  • Worry-Free Compliance Guarantee
  • Turnaround Times are good
  • Great Ratings on Trustpilot
  • Extended Support Hours
  • Easy to use
  • Only in business for four years
  • Prices are average

ZenBusiness Review – Pricing

Service  Starter $0 Pro $199 Premium $299
LLC Filing Included Included Included
Registered Agent Service $99 $99 $99
Obtain an EIN $70 Included Included
Operating Agreement Included Included Included
Expedited Filing $50 Included Included
Rush Filing $100 $100 Included
Worry-Free Compliance $119/yr Included Included
Business Website $100/yr $100/yr Included

ZenBusiness Compared to Other LLC Formation Services

Service LLC Formation with One Year
of Registered Agent Service
Northwest Registered Agent $225   $39
Discounted price for our readers!
Incfile $149
ZenBusiness $299
Swyft Filings $299
Rocket Lawyer $250
Inc Authority $389

ZenBusiness has many advantages, especially when setting up your business legally and correctly. ZenBusiness is also known for its excellent customer service and reasonable rates. ZenBusiness was a top choice when we searched for the best business formation services. This is due to our research’s affordability, specialization in LLC filings, and high ranking position.

LegalZoom is a top competitor as well as BizFilings. LegalZoom provides a lot more than just fraud protection. It also offers compliance tips and annual reports starting at $79 plus state filings. BizFilings is a well-known company that has been involved in business formation for more than two decades. It also offers a handy compliance monitoring tool. Pricing starts at $99, plus applicable state fees. You can also see the methodology behind the other top picks. Check out all our top picks.

ZenBusiness LLC formation pricing 2023
Visit ZenBusiness, best incorporation service

ZenBusiness: Strengths and Weaknesses


ZenBusiness is a centralized, integrated platform that streamlines starting a business. It also keeps all your essential information on one platform. ZenBusiness makes it easy to keep track of the progress of every step in your business creation. It also allows you to manage deadlines across multiple platforms easily.

Excellent Support: ZenBusiness experts are available for customer support during regular business hours. This support is available throughout the life of your company. ZenBusiness also offers detailed Q&As, resources, and articles to assist you in starting your business.

Additional Add-Ons: ZenBusiness offers three packages. You can customize a package to suit your needs by adding services that you don’t need. However, the company also provides various add-on services like annual reporting and worry-free compliance.

Worry-Free compliance is one of ZenBusiness’s most valuable services. ZenBusiness manages your state filings and helps you stay compliant. ZenBusiness experts will help you get back on track if you do ever fall short of compliance. This can provide significant peace of mind for new business owners.

ZenBusiness customers often report rapid LLC formation processing times of only a few days. The Premium and Pro plans offer faster processing if you hurry and need to speed up.

Pay it Forward: ZenBusiness, a Public Benefit Corporation that helps small businesses grow, awards grants and loans. Your company will support a small business that, in turn, supports other small businesses. ZenBusiness granted licenses worth more than $100,000 to small businesses in 2020.

ZenBusiness has a lot of helpful resources. A glance at the ZenBusiness website will show that it is designed to assist entrepreneurs and small businesses. Nearly every page offers valuable information and guidance to help you make informed decisions about how best to run your business.

ZenBusiness is different from other business formation services. It offers a range of tools that will help you create a professional online presence. ZenBusiness has a Business Website Option. This includes a domain name, security certificate, and business website.

The Weaknesses

Filing fees not included: Because filing fees can vary from one state to another, ZenBusiness’ pricing does not have them. If you want to budget for ZenBusiness’ total costs, you will need to check the fees with the state.

Subscription Model: ZenBusiness operates on a subscription model that includes an annual billing. These plans are less valuable than the yearly billing because most services such as LLC formation occur once. It would be more practical to pay a one-time fee for business formation services.

It offers limited website capabilities. However, it does offer business website services. There are, however, limited templates and customization options. A dedicated website builder may be more beneficial for your business if you are involved in ecommerce or rely on your website.

ZenBusiness Formation Plans

ZenBusiness offers three business formation packages that are annually billed. These plan prices do not include state filing fees. This can vary depending on your location. Check your state’s filing fee for a more accurate budget and add them to the plan rates.

The Starter plan is $49/year and includes the essential services you need to start your business and create an LLC. The program assists with filing your LLC paperwork and an operating agreement template you can use to start your business.

The Pro plan is $199 and will likely be the most suitable for most businesses. The Pro plan includes everything in the Starter plan and valuable items such as a bank resolution template and a 100% accuracy warranty. The most important thing about the Pro plan is that it includes an Employer ID number, which you will need to run your LLC. If you want to start your LLC quickly and need to file soon, the Pro plan will expedite your filing process.

You can upgrade to the Premium plan for $299 per annum to get a more comprehensive plan. However, you will need to decide if you need the extra items included in the Premium plan. The Premium plan also consists of the Pro plan’s things, but the Premium plan also includes a website, a domain name, privacy, and a business email. This would not be necessary if you had already started work on these items. This can be a great way to quickly get your business online if you plan to create a website or email.

A website builder such as Wix, WordPress, or Shopify is more beneficial if you plan to start heavily relying on your website. You’ll have more options and tailor your website to meet your needs as a specialist service in this field. You should also note that users have complained about limited functionality and website templates.

There are three options for pricing. The Starter plan is perfect for small businesses on a tight budget. The Premium plan offers convenience while remaining affordable. The Pro plan is the best value for most companies. It provides peace of mind and worry-free compliance. This plan is a good investment, especially in the first year, if you want to make sure your business is legally established and you are starting it correctly.

These plans are of good value due to their LLC filing assistance. However, this is only necessary when your business is just starting. These plans are less valuable and less useful in the years to come, so it’s worth considering canceling them after you have used all of their benefits.

ZenBusiness Review: Customer Support

ZenBusiness provides extended customer support hours:

  • ZenBusiness Extended Customer Support Telephone Chat by email
  • Monday to Friday, 8 am – 8 pm central. Sunday 10 am to 7 midnight central.
  • Chat: You can chat online on zenbusiness.com throughout their extended hours of support.
  • Phone: Call ZenBusiness at 1-888-493-6249 for extended hours of support.
  • Email: Get in touch at support@zenbusiness.com and expect a reply within one business day.

ZenBusiness Formation Plans: In-depth

All ZenBusiness plans do not include registered agent services. These services can be purchased for an additional $99.

ZenBusiness’s formation plans are not like those of other companies. They use a subscription pricing model. After your business has been formed, you can cancel your subscription without penalty or additional fees.

ZenBusiness Starter Package: $0 + state fee

ZenBusiness’ bare-bones starter plan serves your basic formation needs. This plan is recommended if you want your LLC to be formed as quickly as possible and handle compliance.

These are the main features of this plan:

Basic Business Filing Service: File articles of organization with the Secretary of State. Unlimited name searches for any business name. This package does not include an expedited filing, but this can be added separately.

Operating Agreement Template: This is the most important document you will ever need for your LLC. It protects all of your assets against potential lawsuits and establishes your LLC’s nature, operation, rules, and purpose.

ZenBusiness’ online dashboard allows you to track the status of your order and receive electronic copies of finalized formation documents as soon they become available.

You may also find a valuable starter plan by including a few other services.

ZenBusiness offers a free consultation on accounting. ZenBusiness will conduct a quick assessment of your company’s accounting needs and then recommend additional appropriate steps for your specific needs.

Annual report service: ZenBusiness, like many other service providers for formations, can help you comply with your state’s annual reporting requirements. We will alert you to the filing deadlines and file the paperwork on your behalf.

The turnaround time for orders can vary greatly depending on where the LLC was formed. It could take anywhere from a few days up to several weeks. The Starter plan does, by default, not include any order expediting.

The default renewal price for ZenBusiness’ Starter Plan is $119/year. This includes their annual report filing service. You can cancel your plan before it renews if you do not want to use these services.


ZenBusiness Pro Plan $199 + state fee

The majority of new business owners should probably consider the Pro plan.

This plan is their most popular and offers many additional features over their Starter plan. Mainly, they offer compliance and expedited formation.

ZenBusiness Pro includes everything you would get with the standard plan plus:

The expedited filing service allows you to skip the line and speed up processing. It varies from one state to another but generally takes between four and two weeks for the low end and up to two weeks for the high end.

Employer Identification Number (EIN), your business’s federal tax ID issued by IRS. It is your company’s social security number. It is required to open a bank account for your business, hire employees, and file tax returns.

ZenBusiness provides worry-free compliance. ZenBusiness will take care of all ongoing compliance filings with the state and ensure that your company is in good standing. This service allows for up to two amendments each year.

ZenBusiness will also supply you with a Banking Resolution Template, which you will use to open a bank account for your LLC.

This plan is renewed at $149/year. It covers the annual filings of your LLC and compliance monitoring service.


ZenBusiness Premium Plan $299 + state fee

The Premium plan provides the fastest turnaround possible and includes many essential web-related services. The Premium plan is an excellent option if you need a basic website and want your LLC to quickly form.

ZenBusiness Premium includes everything Pro has plus more

Rush Filing Service: You will get the fastest turnaround times with rush filing. The exact timeframe depends on the state. It is usually only a few days. In some states, Premium plan customers may receive a response within one day.

ZenBusiness can secure your domain name along with your chosen LLC name if it’s available.

ZenBusiness will quickly build a website using your domain name and business information.

ZenBusiness will create a business email address using your domain name. For professional correspondence, you will have access to up to 5GB of storage.

Comparing ZenBusiness and the Leading LLC Formation Services

ZenBusiness vs LegalZoom

  ZenBusiness LegalZoom
Basic Formation $49 $178
Registered Agent  $99/yr $249/yr
Formation and 1/yr Registered Agent $148 $427
  • ZenBusiness scores better than LegalZoom
  • LegalZoom was lacking in many categories compared to ZenBusiness
  • ZenBusiness is a newer company but has better reviews and better prices
  • LegalZoom has strong brand recognition

LegalZoom is among the most expensive options we’ve ever seen. However, it offers nothing of value it is compared to other alternatives. LegalZoom’s cost for formation is too high.

ZenBusiness is a speedier and more affordable service and offers more customer satisfaction.

ZenBusiness vs Incfile

Incfile is cheaper, but ZenBusiness has much better customer reviews. ZenBusiness does not offer a free LLC as Incfile does.

  ZenBusiness Incfile
Basic Formation $49 $0
Registered Agent  $99/yr $0 (1st Year Free With Formation)
Formation and 1/yr Registered Agent $148 $0 Silver Package


ZenBusiness vs Swyft Filings

In comparison to other providers, Swyft Filings offers decent rates and faster turnaround times. However, ZenBusiness is comparable to or even better than the performance of Swyft Filings while also costing substantially less.

  ZenBusiness Swyft Filings
Basic Formation $49 $84
Registered Agent  $99/yr $149/yr
Formation and 1/yr Registered Agent $148 $233

Swyft Filings also offers many of its services through third parties, upselling numerous unnecessary add-ons. ZenBusiness’s simplified method is more effective.

ZenBusiness Business Formation Services

ZenBusiness is most well-known for its services in business formation. ZenBusiness can help you create an LLC or a corporation. ZenBusiness will file your paperwork with the state. ZenBusiness will provide you with all your documents directly from your dashboard. It makes it easy for you to find the information you need.

ZenBusiness offers four primary filing options:

  • LLC
  • C Corp
  • DBA (doing business under)
  • Reservation of business names

ZenBusiness can assist you in the filing process of each entity. The ZenBusiness website has a lot of information on the differences between the filings. The proper business form for you will determine which option you choose.

ZenBusiness offers the possibility to reserve your business name. This is an option that many new business owners may not know about. It can be challenging to choose the right business name. You don’t want that name to get lost while you work out the details of your business. ZenBusiness can reserve your company name before you register your business. This allows you to choose your structure and start the paperwork. The time frame will vary from one state to the next, but most states allow you to lock your name for up 120 days.

ZenBusiness also offers many services to help you get your business up and running faster. ZenBusiness’s operating agreement template will help you protect your assets and outline the business rules and ownership. It lets you ensure that you don’t miss anything when planning or outlining your business.

ZenBusiness can assist you with getting an EIN to run your business. Your EIN is required to open a bank account for your business, hire employees, separate your personal and business finances, and make other financial transactions. ZenBusiness can provide an EIN, and you can keep it in your dashboard.

ZenBusiness Business Operation Services

ZenBusiness provides a range of services to help you manage your business professionally once you have created it.

ZenBusiness makes it easy to register a domain name for your business. The domain can be used for your website and business email. It costs $25 per annum to register. This is a crucial step in branding your company and creating an online presence.

ZenBusiness offers the option to design and manage your business website. To save time and build your business, you can link the site to your domain name. ZenBusiness offers limited information about website building, but it provides the convenience of having all your state filings, website registration, and domain registration in one place.

ZenBusiness can also be used to file your annual reports. It can be tedious and time-consuming for businesses to file annual reports in many states. ZenBusiness makes it easier to file a yearly report. Missing deadlines could lead to your business falling out of compliance. You can access your yearly reports documents in ZenBusiness and track them right there to save time. You will receive notifications from ZenBusiness to be kept informed about the approaching deadlines for your annual reports.

ZenBusiness Frequently Asked Questions

Is ZenBusiness a good option?

ZenBusiness is our number three choice for the best LLC formation. You will find decent pricing and everything you need to start your LLC with ZenBusiness.

What is ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness offers LLC and Corporation formation services. They will handle all administrative and filing requirements for your LLC/Corporation so that you can concentrate on your business growth.

What does ZenBusiness cost for an LLC?

ZenBusiness is undoubtedly the most affordable company in the LLC formation market. LLC formation is as easy as $49. For most business owners, we recommend the $149 plan.

Which LLC package is best for ZenBusiness?

Most founders should consider the ZenBusiness Pro plan. This plan covers everything you need to get your business started immediately.

Why do I need ZenBusiness every year?

ZenBusiness charges an annual fee to use their registered agent service. To receive legal correspondence, companies must appoint and keep a registered agent. Your registered agent can be changed at any time.

Is Zenbusiness located where?

Zenbusiness offices can be found at 5900 Balcones Dr. Suite #5000 in Austin, Texas.

What is the average time it takes to get EIN with ZenBusiness?

ZenBusiness will request your EIN from the IRS immediately after registering your business entity. Most people receive their EIN within a matter of hours after they register.

How can I get in touch with my ZenBusiness agent?

ZenBusiness is the registered agent. Call them at 1-844-493-6249 or contact them via email at support@zenbusiness.com.

Does ZenBusiness have a refund policy?

ZenBusiness will refund your payment minus any expenses. State fees cannot be refunded if they have been sent. Contact ZenBusiness immediately if you make an error.

Is ZenBusiness able to provide good customer service?

ZenBusiness offers excellent customer service. ZenBusiness is one of few companies that provide extended support hours in addition to live chat, phone, and email.

What is included in ZenBusiness Worry-Free Guarantee?

ZenBusiness offers a worry-free guarantee that covers your annual report as well as up to two amendments. You don’t need to worry about meeting deadlines or making mistakes.

Are people required to use an LLC service for a business formation?

You don’t have to use a formation company. All services offered by ZenBusiness are available at a standalone price. You have the option to choose and customize the service package that best suits your needs.

Is ZenBusiness a good value?

ZenBusiness is the best value. The best formation packages on the market are offered by ZenBusiness, starting at $49 + state fees.

Are ZenBusiness Customer Reviews Any Good?

Trustpilot rates ZenBusiness at 4.8 out 5. Their reviews are consistent and excellent on all review sites. They get good ratings for their services. There are not many current ZenBusiness reviews on Reddit, but most are very positive.

What’s the difference between ZenBusiness & other business formation companies?

ZenBusiness charges extra for registered agent service. Prices for LLC formation start at $49 + applicable state fees. These prices are competitive in the market. Other services like Incfile and Northwest Registered Agent include free one year of registered agent services.

Is there a better alternative to ZenBusiness?

Yes, alternatives exist. As an alternative to ZenBusiness, we recommend Incfile and Northwest Registered Agent.

Is ZenBusiness legal?

Yes, Zenbusiness exists. Zenbusiness was established in 2015. It has created thousands of LLCs, corporations, and non-profits.

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