We’ve analyzed and ranked the best online incorporation services for 2022. This article will provide some background on each company along with pricing and features to compare so you can find the best incorporation service for you and your new business.

Our 8 Picks for Best Incorporation Service

  1. Northwest Registered Agent – Best overall and great customer service
  2. Incfile – Best cheap incorporation services
  3. ZenBusiness – Simplest incorporation service
  4. MyCorporation – Best for small businesses
  5. Incorporate.com – The most versatile
  6. LegalZoom – Popular but pricey online incorporation service
  7. Swyft Filings – Another Texas-based company
  8. Inc Authority – The basic plan is Free

The 8 Best Incorporation Services in 2022

In the past, forming a company was a time-consuming and expensive process. Companies had to wait months for their legal entity to be established. They also had to hire lawyers and fill out a lot of paperwork.

However, not everyone can afford a lawyer, and many people are hesitant to file documents on their own.

What is the solution? Online incorporation services are a growing trend for entrepreneurs these days.

We think Northwest Registered Agent’s formation service provides the most features and best price compared to the other top incorporation services.

  • Northwest has offices in each of the 50 states and offers the finest cost and service of any online incorporation service provider.
  • One-Year Registered Agent Service After Incorporation
  • For our readers, there is a $225 discount, so it’s only $39!

Anyone can form a C-corporation or an S-corporation using online incorporation services. Only a few data points about your company will be required by the service provider. Your incorporation documents can be prepared and filed with your Secretary of State using online incorporation services.

Registered agent services are also available through these businesses.

Online incorporation services are quick and inexpensive, allowing you to immediately establish a legal business entity in your chosen state.

Our 8 Favorite Incorporation Services for 2022

#1 Northwest Registered Agent – $39 Incorporation Service

Northwest registered agent, best incorporation service

  • It costs $225 ($39 + state charge) to get started (our readers get a big discount).
  • Corporate Guides
  • The Industry Leader Provides Professional Registered Agent Services
  • Filing on the Same Day
  • Northwest Registered Agent is best known for its registered agent services.
  • Business formation programs and online incorporation services are also available through the organization.

Northwest Registered Agent goes above and above to help new businesses get off the ground.

  • Northwest ‘Corporate Guides’ are included in all packages.
  • The Northwest Corporate Guides are professionals who will walk you through the process of starting a business.
  • You will have access to this service for the rest of your life.

#2-Incfile- Incorporation Service

Visit Incfile, best incorporation service

  • Free Registered Agent service for the first year
  • 20 Years Experience
  • 500,000+ Formations
  • Quick Processing

Incfile is one of the best and most experienced incorporation and business formation platforms on the market. Incfile was launched in 2004 and has been used to create more than 500,000 businesses.

  • It’s quick, simple, and affordable.
  • Incfile provides incorporation and business formation services to LLCs, S-Corporations (C-Corporations), and nonprofits.
  • Incfile makes it easy to create your business. You only need to pay the state filing fees.
  • All plans include verifying company name availability, preparation and filing articles next-day, online status tracking, and online document access.
  • Registered agent service is also available for free for one year.

Incfile offers you the ability to add premium services such as EIN services and operating agreements to your base package. To get all the benefits of your plan, you can also upgrade to a package. Prices can vary from one state or the another.

Incfile offers you the ability to add premium services such as EIN services and operating agreements to your base package. To get all the benefits of your plan, you can also upgrade to a package. Prices can vary from one state or the another.

#3-ZenBusiness- Incorporation Service

Visit ZenBusiness, best incorporation service

  • Filing and formation starts at $49 a Month
  • LLC Services
  • Incorporation Services
  • Registered Agent Services

ZenBusiness allows anyone to quickly and easily start a business.

They offer services such as LLC services, incorporation, and registered agent services. ZenBusiness also provides DBA services (doing business under) names, EIN services, and business name reservations.

ZenBusiness offers many different services. However, the LLC is the most popular.

ZenBusiness makes the process simple, from naming your LLC to selecting a registered representative and applying for your EIN. They can handle all of the filings for Certificate of Formation, Articles of Organization.

Plans start at $49 per month plus state fees.

Based on the state you are located in and your business type, the rates may vary. All plans include name availability searches, online document access, registered agents services, free accounting consultations, and much more.

It is worth noting, however, that the Entry-Level Starter Plan does not include an EIN filing. However, it is available with the Pro and Premium plans. ZenBusiness offers fast filing speeds so you can have your documents ready in days instead of weeks.

ZenBusiness is an online platform that makes it easy to incorporate online.

#4-Swyft Filings – Incorporation Service

Visit Swyft Filings, best incorporation service

Swyft Filings, best incorporation service andregistered agent service

  • Free Business Name Request
  • Direct Line To Personal Specialist
  • Multiple Entity Types
  • Registered Agent Services

Swyft Filings allows you to quickly and easily incorporate your business online. This service provider can assist with filings and paperwork for LLCs, C Corporations (S Corporations), and nonprofits.

  • Swyft Filings’ incorporation services and LLC formations are trusted by thousands of businesses across all 50 States.
  • Select your entity type, and then select your state. Swyft Filings also provides EIN services, registered agents services, DBA applications, and 501(c),(3) applications.
  • Swyft Filings is also available to help you manage your business after it has been formed. They offer services such as name changes, business dissolution, and changing your registered agents.
  • Swyft Filings is known for its outstanding customer service.

After signing up, you will automatically be assigned to a business specialist. This person will be your primary contact. You can reach them by email or telephone. To resolve any issues, you will always be working with the same person.

Swyft Filings also offers free services for business name searching, which you can access without signing up.

#5 Incorporate.com – Incorporation Service

  • The cost starts at $99 plus a state tax.
  • Registered Agent Services for S-Corps, C-Corps, and Nonprofits
  • With a name like this, it’s no surprise that Incorporate.com scores are so high on our list.
  • The company’s name has changed numerous times over the years before settling on Incorporate.com.
  • They’ve assisted in the formation of 750,000 firms, including LLCs.

Incorporate.com can assist you with the formation of an S corporation, a C corporation, or a nonprofit organization.

Applying online is simple.

All of the details will be handled by Incorporate.com.

Throughout the procedure, their support staff is available to answer any questions or issues you may have.

Here’s a quick rundown of pricing and plan options:

The Basic-$99 plus state fees

$249 + state fee for “The Essentials”

The Complete Package—$349 plus state fees

The filing and preparation of corporation paperwork are included in the basic plan. The Essentials plan is for you if you need an EIN (tax ID), annual report preparation and filing, or a company kit. All Essentials services, as well as a business research package and company bylaws, are included in the Essentials package.

Registered agent services are available through Incorporate.com, which will help you stay compliant after your launch.

#6-MyCorporation-Best Incorporation Services for Small Businesses

($99 + state cost)

There are four different packages to choose from.

Deluxe Corp is the parent company. Business Name Search Articles on Incorporation

MyCorporation is a corporation that has been around for almost two decades.

In all 50 states, they have assisted in the formation and growth of nearly one million businesses.

They offer Scorps, Nonprofits, and Professional Corporations online incorporation services (such as doctors and lawyers).

To get started, choose your state and entity type.

Just answer a few questions and MyCorporation will take care of the rest.

Let’s take a deeper look at the various corporate formation packages available.

$99 (plus state fees) for the essentials.

$124 (plus state taxes) is the standard price.

Deluxe (plus state fees): $224.

The premium is $324 plus state fees.

A name availability search and your articles of incorporation are included in the basic plan.

The standard package includes corporate bylaws and corporate meeting minutes, among other things.

The Deluxe plan is the most popular because it includes registered agent services from MyCorporation (something that you will need).

MyCorporation. DBAs business licenses, trademark filings, copyright applications, and other services are available through MyCorporation.

#7 LegalZoom, a well-known online incorporation service

The price starts at $79, plus a state fee.

Visit LegalZoom, best incorporation service

Lifetime Support for C-Corps and S-Corps

User Reviews for Well-Known Brand Names are a Little Weak. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

More than 400,000 businesses in the United States have used LegalZoom to incorporate.

LegalZoom is a safe, dependable, and efficient way to get your company up and running.

When you want to incorporate with LegalZoom, you have two options: an S corporation or a C company.

Although many clients choose to be an S-Corp, you are not required to do so. You can always change to C-corps in the future.

It’s simple to get going.

The remainder will be handled by LegalZoom.

They’ll fill out all of the paperwork and submit it to your Secretary of State.

There are three bundles to choose from:

Economy – $149 in the economy, plus state taxes.

Standard – $329 plus applicable state fees

Express Gold – $349 plus state fees

A business name check and incorporation registration are included in all programs.

A luxury organizer binder and certified stock certificates are included in all bundles. Express Gold is a bundle that includes expedited shipping and processing for people who need to incorporate quickly.

LegalZoom’s incorporation services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What is the best way to locate the top online incorporation services?

#8 Inc Authority Incorporation Service

Visit Inc Authority, best incorporation service

  • It starts at Free+ State fee (Limited Features)
  • Consultation in Tax Planning
  • Premium Plans From $399

Inc Authority makes it easy and quick to incorporate online.

You read that right. The basic incorporation services are entirely free. You just need to pay fees to your state.

  • Inc Authority will help you to create your corporation or LLC for free
  • Register as a free agent for one year
  • Name check for business
  • Preparation and submission of entity formation documents
  • Formula 2553 preparation and submission
  • Consulting in tax planning
  • Digital document storage


However, you can add many valuable additional, such as an EIN ($49), an operating agreement ($89), or express processing ($49) to your free file.



There are so many online incorporation companies to pick from that narrowing down your options might be difficult. There are a few aspects to consider while selecting an exceptional service for your business.

This is how the winners were chosen.

If you’re shopping around or weighing other possibilities, you can utilize the same evaluation approach.


The terms “value” and “price” are not interchangeable.

Finding the cheapest plan and then making your decision is simple. Low cost, on the other hand, does not always imply good value.

Many online incorporation providers have affordable start-up costs. For that low price, what do you get? Usually, it isn’t much. In many circumstances, adding important services to your plans, such as expedited filing or an EIN, can raise your order total. While other providers’ plans may be more expensive, they usually include everything you require.

Customer Service

Customer service is an important aspect of starting a business.

What should you do if you have any questions when filling out the application? Who do you call if you need assistance accessing important documents? Is your incorporation service accessible when you need it the most?

Customer support is polite and responsive by email, phone, and live chat for online incorporation services that provide the greatest customer service. You should be able to contact them during regular business hours, even if they are not available 24/7.

The ease with which it can be used

The majority of internet incorporation services offer a similar basic service.

Go to the website and complete the forms. Then delegate state filings to them.

On the other hand, the variation in experience between one site and another can be significant.

Some forms take as little as five to ten minutes to complete. Everything is obvious, and the questions are straightforward. You will be able to check the status of your filing and view your incorporation paperwork via a user-friendly dashboard once the order has been filed.

Time to File a Corporation

The time it takes to incorporate your business is influenced by a number of factors. Every state has its own procedure. Depending on where you live, the normal filing time may differ.

Your state will not be able to process any applications until the incorporation service files your documentation.

Orders can be processed in as little as 24 hours using online incorporation services.

Others aren’t in such a rush.

However, you can frequently pay more to get your corporate files processed faster.

Your charges will be determined by where you live and what services you use.

It’s not always worth the extra money.

The Services of a Register Agent

Every corporation must have a registered agent. A registered agent receives tax paperwork and other legal documents on your behalf and accepts service of process on your behalf.

The best registered agents can access these records via the internet. They’ll also mail you tangible copies. If there is anything you need to do, you will be alerted right away.

If you also need a registered agent, it makes sense to incorporate using an online service.

This may be included as part of your package, but it is normally an extra cost.

Additional Information

In addition to business formation plans, some online incorporation firms offer extra tools for businesses. This offers legal advice, tax planning, and legal document templates, among other things.

Business name availability searches, DBA names (doing business as), trademark searches, EIN filings, and trademark searches should all be considered.

Many corporate demands can be met with online incorporation services.


What is the finest online incorporation service?

It is entirely dependent on your requirements.

Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Northwest Registered Agent offers the best price, the best customer service, and white-glove support from local corporate guides.
  • Incfile has a 20-year track record and has over 500,000 forms.
  • LegalZoom is a popular choice because of its strong brand name.

For small enterprises,

  • MyCorporation is a viable option. You’ll also get a free EIN.
  • Swyft Filings is a good option for nonprofit organizations.
  • Incfile offers a one-year free enrollment to anyone that signs up for their services.

We hope this guide will assist you in locating the best incorporation service for your business, regardless of its nature.


Incorporation Services Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are online incorporation services?

Incorporation service companies help new business owners file their Articles of Incorporation. These documents are used to officially establish a new company in a particular state.

Many incorporation service providers offer additional services to help you start and run your business.

Online incorporation services often offer registered agent service and corporate bylaws, annual reports, business license searches, and many other services.

Are online incorporations possible?

Yes, you can! You can fill in your Articles and send them electronically to the relevant authorities, usually the Secretary of States’ office of the state where you are incorporating.

Which service is best for incorporation?

Northwest Registered Agent was the highest-scoring of all our services. They were affordable and provided excellent customer service. Their website was top-notch and they had many great reviews. Incfile, and Swyft Filings both scored highly.

Is there a cheaper way to incorporate?

Many services, such Active Filings and Inc Authority provide free incorporation services with their basic plans. But, the free basic bundles do not often include essential services such as Corporate Bylaws drafting, or a registered agents service.

Where can my online business be registered?

Northwest Registered Agent, Incfile are two of our favorites. ZenBusiness is another top-ranked company offering online incorporation services. There are at least 10 good incorporation services to consider.

What are the benefits of incorporating my company online?

Online incorporations are usually faster and cheaper than traditional incorporations. The processing time for your documents can take days or even weeks if you send them by post. Online incorporation services have the experience to ensure that your documents are properly filled out and filed with the correct authorities.

How does incorporation work

Even though the exact process can vary slightly from one state or another, incorporation always requires the filing of Articles of Incorporation. These documents provide basic information about a company (name, address, industry, owner, etc.). This allows a business to be officially recognized by the state.

Which is the best place to get incorporated in?

In almost all cases, it is your business’s home country. While some states (e.g. Delaware) have tax codes and laws that are very friendly to businesses, most others will not.

Delaware has some very business-friendly tax codes and laws. Incorporating your business in a state you are not located in will typically result in unnecessary taxes, fees, and regulations.

What is the difference in a corporation and an LLC?

While LLCs (Limited Liability Companies and Corporations) are both business entities they are taxed, regulated, and governed slightly differently. Individual “members” own LLCs, while corporations are owned solely by “shareholders.” Both corporations and LLCs provide significant liability protection.