Swyft Filings Review for 2023

Swyft Filings Review

This Swyft Filings review will cover everything you need to know about their services including,

  • Pricing for the Swyft Filings LLC formation service
  • How Swyft Filings can help you create an LLC or incorporate it
  • Swyft Filings’ customer feedback, reliability, and level of customer support.

We’ll also provide clear explanations about the various other services they offer relevant to formation.

Here is a summary of our findings. You’ll find our full review further down. It details our findings and explains everything about Swyft Files.

Swyft Filings LLC specializes in forming limited liability companies, corporations, and non-profit organizations. They can assist entrepreneurs and small business owners with the entire process of creating a business. Swyft Filings is available to both US-based residents and non-US citizens.

Price Comparison for Their Popular Plans
Swyft Filings vs. Other Leading Formation Services


Basic LLC Formation with One Year of
Registered Agent Service

Northwest Registered Agent
Editor’s Choice 2023!
$225  $39
Discounted price for our readers!
Incfile $149
ZenBusiness $299
BetterLegal $389
LegalZoom $328
Swyft Filings $299


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Swyft Filings Pros and Cons

Swyft Filings
Swyft Filings
  • Affordable formation services with flexible pricing
  • Customer services by phone or in-person
  • Excellent turnaround times
  • Rated 4.6/5 by Trustpilot

Swyft Filings offers a reasonable option for LLC formation and incorporation. They provide a flexible pricing model, affordable turnaround times, and a quick turnaround time. They have received several thousand positive reviews from happy customers despite only being in business for a year.

Swyft Filings doesn’t offer a comprehensive service like their competitors. Partner companies are also used to fill gaps like their registered agent service.

Swyft Filings is an excellent choice for basic LLC formations, as they provide a direct link with their business specialists and offer a money-back guarantee.

Swyft Filings LLC specializes in forming limited liability companies, corporations, and non-profit organizations. They can assist entrepreneurs and small business owners with the entire process of creating a business. Swyft Filings is available to both US-based residents and non-US citizens.

According to their LinkedIn page, Swyft Filings’ headquarters is in Houston, Texas. The company was founded in 2015 and is much younger than other competitors like Nolo. Travis Crabtree is currently headed by a media and technology lawyer and a commercial litigation attorney.

Swift Filings is a privately owned medium-sized company employing between 50-200 employees. It aims to be different from its competitors by offering quick turnaround times and affordable pricing options.

Swyft Filings offers various services to establish new business entities such as LLCs and corporations. Some of these services are provided directly, while others are provided through partnerships with other companies.

They offer many services, including:

  • Forming new entities for business, including verification of business names and all interactions with state authorities
  • Assistance with initial IRS paperwork (e.g., obtaining an EIN)

They provide you with custom-made, frequently-used legal documents such as Operating Agreements and banking resolutions.

This will help you keep good standing with the government by reminding you when essential obligations such as annual reports are due.

We can help you set up your first online business presence by helping with website building, web hosting, and domain registration

… and other services that are aimed at new business.

For a deeper explanation of the services offered by Swyft Filings, please refer to our Swyft Filings section further down this article.

Swyft Filings, like many others in the field, can answer basic tax and legal questions. They are not an accounting or law firm, and they cannot provide personalized tax or legal advice.

Swyft Filings Pricing

Below is a table listing the most important services offered through Swyft Filings.

Service Basic $49 Standard $149 Premium $299
LLC Filing Included Included Included
Registered Agent Service $149 $149 $149
EIN $70 Included Included
Operating Agreement $35 Included Included
Banking Resolution $30 Included Included
Express Filing Cost varies by state Cost varies by state Included
Business Website Not included Not included Included

Tip: Website building and other services can be added to lower-priced levels. The pricing is not inclusive of state fees.

Swyft Filings, like many other competitors, allows customers to choose from three different pricing tiers: Basic, Standard, or Premium. You can also add products to any level without purchasing into a higher-priced tier.

Swyft Filings offers the most affordable LLC-formation package. This package includes a basic LLC formation service and a check for the availability of business names to ensure that your LLC formation is smooth.

Basic Plan $49 + state fees

The following services are also included in this tier:

Swyft Filings and an accounting firm offer a 30-minute consultation on tax optimization.

Swyft Filings does not mention their partner, but some digging by our side revealed that they had partnered 1-800Accountant. This virtual accounting firm is headquartered in New York. If you do not wish to participate in the consultation, you can opt-out.

ComplianceGuard Company alerts: This tool is provided by Swyft Filings to its customers to help them ensure compliance with all state filing requirements.

Free domain name (URL) for your company: A domain name is necessary to create a web presence. Swyft Filings offers a one-year free registration of any domain name you choose. You will need to pay an ongoing domain registration fee after the one-year term ends. Otherwise, you will be denied access.

Once your LLC is formed, you can access your incorporation and formation documents via your account dashboard on Swyft Filing.

This package will include a regular filing for LLCs in the state by default. The state determines the exact filing time and other costs. This means that the processing time for most conditions is one to two weeks. You can pay an additional fee to expedite your LLC’s formation.

If you choose the Basic package, you can always add products and services from higher tiers.

Swyft Filings Standard: $149 + state fees

Swyft Filings Standard is a comprehensive package that includes all the necessary features for business owners when forming an LLC. The notable exception is a registered agent service.

This package includes all the services of the Basic package plus the following:

Swyft Filings can help you file your federal tax identification number (EIN).

A majority of US LLCs must have an EIN. Further down, we will discuss an EIN and why you may not need it.

You can customize legal documents: LLCs need to have certain documents as soon as they are created. These documents include an Operating Agreement and a Banking Resolution. These documents are included in the Standard pricing tier of Swyft Filings. These documents can be customized and downloaded through Swyft Filings.

The processing time for most states is the same as the Basic package. It takes between one and two days. For expedited filing, you can pay an additional fee.

Swyft Filings Premium: $299 + state fees

Swyft Filings Premium is the best option for LLC formation. It is also the most costly.

The Premium package includes expedited LLC filing for many states (but not all). Your LLC can be formed within one to five working days in most states. For the fastest filing option, an additional fee will be required in some states like Florida.

The Premium package also includes the services of the two previous tiers.

The customized digital LLC kit includes a seal, 20 stock certificates, and an ownership ledger. These products do not need to be purchased to form a new LLC.

Swyft Filings and a web developer have partnered to offer customers a website builder to quickly create a website or e-commerce store.

Although Swyft Filings does not have a website that clearly states its partner is, our research has shown that Rocketbuildr provides this service. After three months, you’ll have to pay the web hosting fees.

Rocketbuildr lists a $25/mo monthly cost on their website. This service is not offered as an add-on to the lower-tier packages.

Basic Formation: This covers the basics of creating a business entity. This includes, at a minimum, the filing of Articles of Organization and the drafting of Operating Agreements for LLCs or corporate bylaws.

Formation and Registered Agent: This also includes a registered agent service. This is something most owners will find indispensable.

Formation + Website: This includes formation, registered agent as well as domain registration, security certificate, and any other services required to secure your company’s online presence.

Comparison between Swyft Filings & some of their competitors

Swyft Filings vs. ZenBusiness

Swyft Filings is a good option for a low-cost service with a faster turnaround time than most. ZenBusiness is much more affordable than Swyft Filings and offers the same or better performance.

Swyft Filings also offers many of its services through third parties, upselling many unnecessary add-on services, and we prefer ZenBusiness’s more streamlined approach.

For a complete comparison, see our Swyft Filings Vs. ZenBusiness article.

Swyft Filings vs. Incfile

Incfile is a strong performer in the pricing category. Swyft Filings’ free formation package is superior to theirs. Swyft Filings is the clear winner in all other areas.

Swyft Filings offers significantly faster turnaround times and better customer support than Incfile. Swyft Filings also scores higher on customer reviews platforms than Incfile, with only a handful of hundred reviews and mostly low ratings.

Swyft Filings vs. LegalZoom

Swyft Filings LLC’s formation service is faster and cheaper than LegalZoom’s. LegalZoom may cost twice as much to form an LLC than Swyft Filings.

Canceling Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings offers a registered agent service through their partner company LegalCorp Solutions. If you wish to cancel this service, you will need to appoint another registered agent at the appropriate state government authority.

After you have established proof of your appointment, Swyft Filings can be contacted to notify them that you wish to cancel your registered agent services.

LegalCorp can charge you the total amount for renewal if you fail to prove that you have appointed a new registered agent. So make sure you cancel your appointment well in advance.

Swyft Filings partners with other companies to provide many of their services. You may have to contact the third-party company directly to cancel your subscription.

Swyft Filings refund policy

Swyft Filings proudly displays its 100% money-back guarantee. This refund policy applies only if Swyft Filings commits an error in completing your LLC registration order, as per their terms of service.

You can request a refund by contacting them via email or phone. This must be done within 60 days after your purchase.

Swyft Filings does not refund state fees or fees paid to third parties. Only fees paid to Swyft Filings are refundable.

Swyft Filings Pros

We will be discussing some of the strengths of Swyft Filings, including its pricing, turnaround times, and customer service.

Many, many happy customer reviews

Swyft Filings, despite being in business only for a few years, has received a remarkable number of positive customer reviews via sites like Sitejabber and Trustpilot.

They have over 2,900 Trustpilot reviews, and the overwhelming majority of these reviews are positive.

We appreciate that Swyft Filings representatives respond to almost every negative review with meaningful explanations and suggestions to improve their service. They respond thoughtfully and are always personal.

The overwhelming majority of customers are satisfied with the speed and simplicity of the service and the helpfulness and quality of the customer service staff. Customers often mention the name of the agent who helped them.

We could not find any evidence that the service had changed in quality. Swyft Filings has received excellent reviews all through its history.

Low base cost and flexible pricing

Swyft Filings doesn’t force customers to purchase more expensive service plans to get a particular service or product. It is easy to add any product to lower-tier packages via their website.

You can choose to purchase the cheapest package but add expedited filing or an operating agreement.

Swyft Filings’ most economical service package was very affordable. We enjoyed it. It is an affordable option for anyone looking for an easy online LLC formation process without additional fees. The cost is $49 plus any applicable state fees.

Swyft Filings lets you choose whether to pay the full cost or in two installments. This is something that not all competitors offer.

Swyft Filings offers three minor services free of charge with all its pricing packages. These services are free:

For any LLC service to succeed, the customer service team must be knowledgeable and responsive. Customers often require accurate and timely information from company representatives. Swyft Filings is a leader in this area.

We didn’t like that Swyft Filings advertised a chat support option, but their tool actually allows you to leave a message with your email for customer service. Extended support would have been a plus outside of regular business hours.

Customer service is available between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. CST Monday through Friday.

Swyft Filings customer service can be reached in several ways:

By email: info@swyftfilings.com

Telephone: 1 877-777-0450

Fax: 1 877-777-0450

Excellent Turnaround Times

Swyft Filings turnaround times are not the fastest, but they are shorter than average. In most states, your business can be formed in 5-10 business days.

You can cut the time by selecting the Premium package and paying an additional fee for express filing. This will reduce it to one to three business days in most states.

Swyft Filings Premium Package includes the Express option for most US states at no additional cost.

If your priority is to get your business started quickly and choose the Premium package, check out the expediting options. Some states offer an additional level of rush filing. This service is not part of the Premium package.

However, if your LLC must be filed by the deadline, you may want to look into an alternative service, such as Northwest Registered Agent, which offers same-day filing by default.

We will be discussing some areas where Swyft Filings service could be improved.

Too many upsell and add-ons.

Formation services must be clear and transparent about who they provide and what they offer. Many LLC formation companies try to sell additional services. Except for cases where it is done in excess or if the services are not directly relevant to customers, we usually hold them responsible.

Swyft Filings is not quite there. The main pricing page does not include certain offers, such as the partner offer for registered agents. The essential services are also broken into multiple items, confusing potential customers.

Swyft Filings basic LLC formation is broken down into three items. Lifetime customer support is unnecessary and should be included by default.

Third-party upsells and offers are still hidden behind multiple pages. Many of these offers from third-party vendors look more like ads than helpful, meaningful services.

A quality, affordable registered agent service is considered the second most crucial aspect of a business’s formation. Only the actual formation is more important. This service should be offered by the same company you have formed your LLC. This will ensure your privacy and make your experience easier.

While some competitors offer discounts and bundle their registered agent services, Swyft Filings doesn’t. Instead, they only present a partner offer to you during your signup process.

LegalCorp Solutions’ offer is $149/year, higher than the combined registered agent services offered by competitors like ZenBusiness or Northwest Registered Agent. ZenBusiness offers a similar service for $99/yr while Northwest Registered Agent charges $125/yr. This is still a substantial discount compared to LegalCorp Solutions.

We were particularly offended that Swyft Filings and their partner can increase the annual cost for registered agent services without you being notified.

Reliance on third-party providers heavily

Swyft Filings depends heavily on partners companies for many services and offers. However, the service documentation of Swyft Filings often doesn’t mention which partner company they are partnering with.

We don’t like to make customers do extensive research to determine which “national accounting firm” or who will handle their mail forwarding.

We prefer to work with formation companies that offer most of their services in-house. This ensures that customers receive high-quality service and privacy.

Swyft Filings offers many services and products related to LLC formation and incorporation. Some of these services are not self-explanatory or even necessary. Continue reading to find out if you are interested in these services.

All packages include Basic, Standard, Premium, and Luxury.

Swyft Filings LLC formation service

The most common type of business entity in America is the limited liability company. There are many benefits to forming a limited liability corporation when you start or convert an existing business to an LLC.

Limited liability protection: An LLC is used to manage your business. It acts as an independent entity from you. This means, among other things, that your assets and liabilities are not affected by the business’s assets and liabilities. If your business fails or becomes indebted, creditors can collect the outstanding debts from the LLC but not your assets.

Flexible management of your business: LLCs are more flexible than corporations because they have fewer structure requirements and have fewer reporting obligations. Your LLC can be run in any way you like.

Pass-through taxation. LLCs generally don’t have to pay taxes directly. Instead, your LLC will file income and losses on the personal tax returns of each individual, thereby avoiding double taxation.

LLCs can be formed at the state level. You will need to file an Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State of your state and pay a fee to form an LLC. There may be additional requirements depending on where your LLC is filed. New York, for example, requires you to publish a notice about the new LLC in a local paper.

Many people hire an attorney to help them form their LLC. This is not a requirement. It is almost always cheaper to hire someone to do the job or save the hassle. They also have the necessary knowledge to navigate through the various state bureaucracies.

Swyft Filings’ primary product is limited liability company formations. They will organize your LLC documents for a fee and ensure that the filing process goes smoothly without any delays.

Your LLC will need to be given a business name. Before filing your documents, they will run a search for business names to confirm that the title you have chosen is available. Swyft Filings allows you to designate two names online – one primary and one alternate if your first choice is unavailable.

Swyft Filings offers business name verification at all pricing levels. However, we recommend that you do a business name search before you order a formation. You can search the registers of most states on their websites. Also, you should search the federal trademark registry. This will ensure that your LLC has the name you have chosen.

Each state charges a fee to file a new LLC. The fee can vary from $40 to $500, depending on where you live. Swyft Filings collects this fee from you and forwards it to the Secretary of State in your state. This fee cannot be refunded. This fee is separate from the annual fees LLCs must pay.

It is essential to consider the time required to create your LLC. The state in which you file, the year you file, and whether you choose expedited filing will affect the length of time it takes to form your LLC.

Swyft Filings allows you to choose between Standard or Express processing. This option is available in the Swyft Filings Premium package. It is available for most states, but not all. You can add it to any of the other tiers at an additional cost. Standard filing in most states will allow you to form your LLC within 7 to 20 working days.

Express processing will reduce the time it takes to form your order. It can take between one and two business days.

After your LLC has been formed, you will be emailed or FedEx your approval documents from the state. This usually takes a few days. You will also receive your Premium package documents electronically if you purchase them.

Each business in the United States must appoint an individual or company as its registered agent. The registered agent is the government’s point of contact for specific legal issues, including delivery of service of process. You are notified about lawsuits by service of process.

It is crucial to have a trustworthy and reliable registered agent. Important and potentially urgent legal notices are not something you want to miss. Although you are permitted to be appointed as a registered agent by law, many businesses prefer to have this responsibility entrusted to a professional service provider or law firm.

After you have designated a registered agent, the contact information of that person or company will be part of the public record. Anyone can access it.

Here are some reasons you might not be able or want to act as your registered agents:

  • You want to keep your personal information private and not wish your address and name made public.
  • Your business can operate in multiple states
  • Your business does not have a physical address
  • You can’t always be there during business hours.
  • You are not a citizen of the United States.

Swyft Filings offers the possibility to have them appoint a registered agent on your behalf for your LLC during your order process. Swyft Filings’ terms of service revealed that LegalCorp Solutions is the leading partner company to provide registered agent services. This Wilmington-based company provides only registered agent services.

Swyft Filings, once appointed, will collect the annual fee on behalf of their partner company. They may also select another company to act as your registered agent under the terms of service.

Swyft Filings doesn’t mark up the cost for third-party registered agents, unlike other competitors. It costs $149/year, whether purchased directly from LegalCorp or secondhand through Swyft Filings. But, different companies offer similar services at a lower cost.

It is essential to know that you must appoint another registered agent in the state you are operating in before canceling your registered agent service.

Your engagement can be canceled after you have evidence that a new agent was appointed. LegalCorp could continue to charge an annual fee if you do not nominate another registered agent.

Legal documents customized

Standard and Premium Packages include this feature, otherwise $25-$35 for each document.

Swyft Filings LLC Operating Agreement Offer

You will need specific legal documents soon after you have formed your LLC. These documents include operating agreements and banking resolutions. Swyft Filings offers customizable forms documents at no additional cost if you select their Standard or Premium service packages.

An operating agreement is a contract between members of a limited liability firm that outlines critical details like:

  • How members are divided on the share of the interest in the company
  • How is profit shared among members of an LLC
  • How to manage the company
  • What happens if a member leaves the company?
  • What happens if a family member becomes unable to perform their duties?
  • In what circumstances could the company be dissolution?

Operating agreements can help to protect your limited liability protection in the event that they are challenged in court. Your LLC may be considered a partnership or sole proprietorship if it does not have an operating agreement.

California, Delaware and Maine, Missouri, New York require an operating agreement. While operating agreements are not needed in all states, it is good to have one. Keep it with all company records if you create a limited liability company.

A banking resolution is also required. This document is required to open a bank account for your LLC.

A custom organizational minutes document is the third document. LLCs do not have to keep minutes of meetings like corporations. This document is up to you.

These documents are included with the Premium and Standard packages. You will have to pay separately for the documents if you select the Basic package.

How to get an IRS identification number (EIN).

Form package free or $70 (depending on package); otherwise, $79

Swyft Filings Federal Tax ID Service Offer

Most American businesses will need a taxpayer identification number (TIN) from the Internal Revenue Service. The federal employer identification number (EIN) is the tax ID number for corporations and LLCs. The IRS uses this 9-digit number to track companies for tax purposes in the same way that an SSN is used to track individuals.

Most businesses require an EIN if:

  • It employs or will hire employees
  • It will file excise taxes returns
  • It will include more than one member
  • You want your LLC to be treated by the IRS as an S-Corporation
  • Your state requires an EIN

An EIN may be required to open a bank account for a business. Click here (PDF) to find out more about the EIN directly from IRS.

Swyft Filings will obtain an EIN for you from the IRS. This is done at a cost. After completing a brief questionnaire, they will file the required paperwork and handle it.

To obtain an EIN, we do not recommend using any paid services. This number can be obtained online for free and takes only minutes. You will get your EIN as soon as you submit an online application. You can also submit form SS-4 by mail, fax, or in person at an IRS office.

Just access the IRS online EIN application. It’s easy and free, and you’ll receive your number within minutes.

You can still get an EIN for your company even if you’re not a US citizen and do not have a social insurance number. However, the process might be more complicated. Swyft Filings FAQ states that you should contact them before placing an order if this applies.

Hosting and website builder

The website builder is included only in the Premium Plan. The domain name is included with all packages.

All Swyft Filings packages come with a free domain registration for your company for a 1-year term. Your company’s URL is the domain name. The TLD you choose (e.g., com, .net, etc. ?.

You can only use the free domain name for one year. To keep the domain name registered to your company for a more extended period, you’ll need to pay an annual fee. If you plan to use your name, make sure it is registered. You could lose your registration if you do not renew it.

Swyft Filings can also help you create a website for your business. You can create a website free of charge if you choose the Swyft Filings premium package. If you do not want to use this service, it is unnecessary.

Swyft Filings offers this product in partnership, as with other services. Swyft Filings doesn’t mention their partner’s name anywhere on their website. Rocketbuildr is the website hosting and building provider.

This service allows you to create a website and personalize it with various templates. Then, it will be hosted. Your website will be responsive so that it can be accessed on both desktop and mobile devices. Your website can be set up as an online shop.

The service comes with three months of free website hosting. After three months, your website hosting costs will increase. Rocketbuildr states that their website hosting packages cost $25 per month.

Swyft Filings also offers additional services that are worth mentioning.

  • Package for Business License ($99)
  • Swyft Filings Business License Offer

This package will simplify the process of forming an LLC by bringing together all licenses and permits you might need in one location.

Swyft Filings uses information about your company’s location, size, industry, and other relevant details to determine which permits and licenses will be applicable. Click here to view a sample package (PDF).

Address for business street ($29/mo with a first month free)

Swyft Filings Mail Forwarding service

This offer, which is not displayed on the main pricing page of this package, provides you with a physical address for your business. This address can be used to forward mail to the actual address of your LLC.

If your business does not have a physical address, a mail forwarding email address can be helpful. This can help you protect your privacy, mainly if your LLC is being run from your home.

Swyft Filings does not clearly state that third parties provide the mail forwarding service. This service is available through a partnership between snapmailbox and Swyft Filings.

We recommend Swyft Filings for business formations and registered agent services.

Swyft Filings might be a good choice for your LLC formation. Their basic package starts at $49, and you have many options when it comes time to add-ons. Their turnaround times are comparable to other formation services, and they can assist you with many additional formation-related tasks.

You can rest assured that you will receive what you pay for, thanks to the thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers. We were not happy with Swyft Filings heavy upselling at signup and partner offers that weren’t included in their primary pricing.

Swyft Filings might be the right fit for you if you do not require a registered agent and just need a specialist to form your LLC. You might want to look at other options for LLC formation if you’re looking for a longer-term relationship with ongoing services.

Visit Swyft Filings, best LLC service

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