BizFilings Review: The Pros and Cons (June 2024)

BizFilings Brief Synopsis

BizFilings is a provider of LLC formation and incorporation services. They have been in business since the 1970s. They provide simple, online LLC formations. Each formation comes with six months of registered agent service.

We cannot recommend BizFilings due to its high costs and slow turnaround times. Many other companies offer similar services at a lower price point. We are also not fans that BizFilings automatically subscribes customers to their $199/year registered agent service without any option to opt-out.

BizFilings is also known as Business Filings Incorporated and is located in Madison, Wisconsin. They specialize in corporate services such as business entity formations. They offer their services to residents of the United States and those residing in foreign countries.

BizFilings was established in 1996 by Rick Oster and Brian Wiegand. The company is currently part of CT and Wolters Kluwer, a Dutch publicly traded corporation. They are one of the most experienced LLC filing and incorporation service providers, and like Incfile, they have filed over 500,000 business entities.

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BizFilings offers the following services:

  • A service for LLC formation and incorporation, which includes business name verification, is available in all 50 US states
  • You can either bundle your registered agent service with the formation of your business entity, or you can purchase it as a separate product.
  • Many tax registration services are available for both federal agencies and state agencies (e.g., registering for state sales taxes or obtaining an EIN).
  • Templates that can be customized for standard documents such as Operating Agreements
  • A web-based compliance management tool that will help you ensure your company is in good standing with the government
  • You can take advantage of various partner offers to make your business easier
  • … and minor products and services.

BizFilings Formation Prices

Bizfilings prices for 2022, Bizfilings review

BizFilings Basic: $99 + state fees

The most affordable package from BizFilings is the Basic package. This package provides the most value overall, even though it includes the essentials of LLC formation.

This package is recommended if you do not want to create an LLC yourself. However, it’s only recommended if you aren’t in a hurry and require any additional services.

The Basic package includes,

BizFilings will conduct a business name verification and file documents: They will search for the names of your two choices (a first and backup choice) and then file Articles of Organization to create your LLC. Standard filing is used, which can take between four to six weeks.

BizComply Online Tools: This online tool from BizFilings will ensure that your LLC is compliant with all state laws and in good standing. This tool will notify you of important deadlines for compliance tasks such as filing annual reports or updating your LLC’s website.

A dashboard that displays the profile of your LLC, key information and a library with form documents is also included.

Registered Agent Service: BizFilings offers free six-month registration for its registered agent service. This service will require a recurring fee once the six-month term ends.

BizFilings is not like many other companies. You cannot choose another registered agent at sign-up.

Standard BizFilings: $229 + state fees

This package includes more – we recommend it to those who need a faster LLC formation and are willing to pay the extra fees.

The Standard package includes all the essentials for creating an LLC. This consists of an Operating Agreement. This package has a lower overall value than the basic option. However, you might not need the LLC kit.

The Standard package includes all the benefits of the Basic tier plus:

Expedited processing: This will reduce the turnaround time for your LLC formation. BizFilings internally processes expedited orders prior to standard orders. If your filing status is available, they will request expedited processing. This decreases the turnaround time by one to two weeks.

Be aware that expedited processing may increase the state processing fees. To ensure you are happy with any additional costs, make sure you click the “Fee Breakdown” button on the package selection screen.

Operating Agreement and other documents. BizFilings will send you a CD with customizable templates to help you create standard formation-related documents such as Operating Agreements and resolutions. Meeting minutes can also be provided.

LLC Kit and Seal: This kit includes a custom binder and seal, a membership ledger, and ten membership certificates. These may be useful for business owners, but they are not legally required.

BizFilings Complete $359 + state Fees

BizFilings Complete is the most expensive and comprehensive package. This package includes expedited processing. The turnaround time is approximately one to two weeks.

The Complete Package is not recommended. Additional services are unnecessary and do not justify the high price of the Complete package.

Federal EIN filing is free and can be done online in just minutes. Although slightly more helpful, the remaining services don’t warrant the significant price increase.

Consider adding a one-off service to one of the lower-tier packages if you require a certified copy or overnight delivery.

The Complete package includes all the features of the Standard plus:

Federal Tax ID (EIN Service): BizFilings can obtain a tax ID number directly from the IRS for you. To learn more about why you may not need this service, we encourage you to visit our services section.

Compliance DVD “Now that You’re Formed”: A DVD that provides information about state requirements for LLCs.

BizFilings will request a certified copy of the Articles of Organization from your state filing office. This service may require an additional fee from the state.

Overnight Shipping: BizFilings can ship your incorporation or formation documents via UPS Overnight shipping.

BizFilings International $399 + State Fees

Customers who reside outside the United States can benefit from this particular package. Standard processing is the default, although expedited processing can also be added. This means that turnaround times will take between four to six weeks.

This package is not recommended. It is expensive, especially when it offers fewer services than the Complete package.

Other LLC formation services are available that can accept international customers. They can also help you create your business entity at a lower cost.

The International Package includes the LLC Kit (see above) and the following services:

Apostille: An appostille is used to verify the authenticity of a document filed in another country. Certain business documents may need to be certified by foreign or state governments. They are trying to verify that your business is legal in the United States.

International Shipping: BizFilings can ship your approval documents internationally via UPS. We will also provide you with a tracking #.

BizFilings Additional Charges & Upsells

BizFilings’ advertised prices do not include state processing fees. Additional services such as expediting your state’s processing times or ordering an apostille will be charged an additional fee.

Click the “Fee Breakdown” link at the bottom to see the state’s processing fees.

BizFilings offers additional services that aren’t included in any of its packages. These services will be selected individually at the order screen. For more information on these add-ons, be sure to read the “Services” section of this review.

Which bundle offers the best value?

The Basic package is our favorite as it includes all the essential services and provides the best value. BizFilings’ other packages are more expensive and contain many unnecessary services.

Consider adding a customizable Operating Agreement or other templates to your basic package. This package will include everything you need to “full-form” your LLC.

BizFilings prices can be pretty high even with the Basic package. Check out our reviews of cheaper competitors like ZenBusiness to determine if their offerings suit your needs and budget.

Canceling BizFilings Services

BizFilings may allow you to cancel incorporation orders that have not been processed. To cancel an order, you should contact BizFilings customer service. They can be reached at 800-981-7183

You can cancel the registered agent service offered by BizFilings at any time. You will need to show proof that you have appointed a new registered agent before canceling the service.

BizFilings may charge you for the entire service fee if there is no proof.

BizFilings’ customer service is available between 8:00 am and 7:00 pm CT Monday through Friday. You can contact customer support via:

  • Phone at 800-981-7183 or 608-827-5300
  • Online web chat on their website
  • Mail at: BizFilings; 8020 Excelsior Dr.; Suite 200; Madison, WI 53717

BizFilings’ refund policy

BizFilings terms of service allow you to get a refund if you cancel an LLC or incorporation service within a short time after placing your order.

If a preliminary namecheck has not been completed, the terms of use state that you will receive a refund, less a $50 processing fee. If you have already completed the name check but have not yet sent the documents to the state, you will receive the cost of less than a $75 processing fee.

BizFilings Best Parts

This section will focus on some of BizFilings’ strengths.

No warranty against filing errors

BizFilings offers a guarantee on all of their LLC formation and incorporation services and some related services. This warranty is valid for the lifetime of your corporation or company. BizFilings is obligated to pay for any errors made in filing during the creation of your business entity.

They will correct any errors they make. BizFilings will pay for any costs incurred to correct their error. This guarantee is valid for the following services:

  • Articles of Organization/Incorporation
  • DBAs
  • Modifications
  • Qualified Foreign Workers
  • Name Reservations

It’s rare for formation companies to provide explicit warranties (only does this), so BizFilings promises are a big plus. You can read more about BizFilings warranty by clicking here.

Additional assistance with compliance

BizFilings offers more services than the average company in business compliance.

The paid business license application package and their registration service for state and federal taxes can simplify the start-up of your business. All incorporation orders come with BizComply, the company’s annual reminder tool for reporting, free of charge.

These services may be useful depending on where your business is located and what industry you work in. While it is easy to do paperwork online in some states, it can be more difficult for others.

A track record of decades-long success

BizFilings is a corporate services company that has been around since 1996. They have created hundreds of thousands of LLCs and corporations over this period. They have a long track record of being dependable and experienced companies. You can usually count on them to deliver what they promise.

Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom are expanding their offerings to the business entity formation market. BizFilings is a specialist in business entity formation. This benefits us as we tend to recommend specialists over non-specialists.

BizFilings Worst Parts

BizFilings has its flaws, too. These are covered below.

Expensive pricing

BizFilings costs are higher than its competitors, as previously stated. Their LLC formation and incorporation packages and their standalone registered agent services are much more costly than those provided by other formation companies.

Customers should pay particular attention to any additional state fees when choosing a service package. Many services that are included free of charge with higher tiers of service, such as a certified copy or document scanning, have their state processing fees. These fees can quickly add up, increasing the price of already expensive BizFilings products.

There are no online reviews by customers.

It was a surprise that BizFilings doesn’t have any reviews from customers on major feedback platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber.

BizFilings Reviews on Trustpilot

We always try to include the opinions of customers in our reviews. BizFilings is a different story.

BizFilings is not present on any significant or minor online review sites. This is unusual for a company as old as BizFilings. Even younger companies are more likely to have at least a handful of reviews. Larger competitors may have hundreds of reviews.

This is in stark contrast to other companies like Swyft Filings. In addition to having many reviews, they also go out of their ways to respond to negative reviews, give meaningful explanations, and offer solutions.

Auto-enrollment for paid registered agent service

We were incredibly disappointed to find that BizFilings requires customers to sign up for their registered agent service.

We believe that the customer should make the choice of a registered agent. However, the BizFilings Terms of Use state that every customer who purchases LLC or incorporation services will automatically be enrolled in BizFilings annual registered agent service.

BizFilings’ web interface for LLC registrations doesn’t allow users to choose their registered agent. It only allows customers to select the billing period for BizFilings registered agents’ service.

This aspect of BizFilings is particularly unfavorable due to the high price of the registered agent service (199 per year) and the fact that it takes written proof of appointment to change one’s registered agents.

Northwest Registered Agent offers the same service at a substantially lower cost.

Slow turnaround time

BizFilings claims that their filing times are prolonged. According to their website, standard orders will take four and six weeks for turnaround. If your order is expedited, this number can be reduced to one to two weeks. These figures put BizFilings in a competitive position.

BizFilings claims they can process expedited orders faster than standard orders. Others don’t make this distinction. They instead process and file all orders the same day that customers submit them.

However, the expedited filing doesn’t guarantee that your order will go through the fastest processing time in your state. You may be required to pay additional fees in some states.

We recommend an alternative filing service if you want your business to be operational as soon as possible.

Business Formation Services

All packages include this service

Any business that you create by yourself is considered a sole proprietorship. This does not give you any legal protections. Most people form an LLC or business entity to legally separate themselves from their business.

Before forming an entity, you will need to choose a type of business. Although many business entities are, the most popular is the limited liability company. This type of entity is attractive to most business owners because it has many features.

An LLC offers limited liability protections that help protect your assets, even in the event of a business going bankrupt or being sued. Because the LLC is a pass-through entity, owners can avoid double taxation. Additionally, LLCs require less recordkeeping and management than standard corporations.

The exact process for forming LLCs can vary as each state is different. By filing an Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State of your state, you can create an LLC in any 50 states. This is not a legal requirement that you hire an attorney or company.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs prefer to have their LLC or another type of business entity formed by professionals familiar with each state’s bureaucracy. These professionals can help you save time and ensure that the formation of your LLC is done correctly and quickly.

BizFilings is a specialist in the formation of business entities. BizFilings incorporation wizard tool allows you to create your LLC or corporation online. Only basic information about your business will be required, including your name and address. They will handle the government.

BizFilings’ Registered Agent Service

$199/yr for the first six months with any form package

Each state in the US requires that all business entities have a registered agent. A registered agent is an individual or company who acts as a point-of-contact for official correspondence and service (serving legal documents such as lawsuits).

The registered agent (RA) must be a resident in the state where your LLC is registered. A registered agent is also required in all other states where the LLC conducts business. Registered agents must be available for business during regular hours. Failing to appoint an agent registered can cause your company to lose its good standing and result in penalties.

It would help ensure that your registered agent can be trusted and reliable, so you don’t miss any critical documents or government notices.

You can generally appoint yourself to be the registered agent of your LLC. You may not wish to do this for a variety of reasons. If:

You are often a frequent traveler, and you cannot always be in one place during business hours.

  • Your business may be located in several states.
  • If you would prefer that your data remain confidential,
  • You do not need a physical address for your business.
  • You are not a citizen of the United States.

BizFilings can act as your registered agent for an annual fee. Your RA will digitally scan any legal correspondence you have, notify you promptly, and then send it to you. They can also send the documents to you for an additional shipping charge. This service is available across all 50 states.

All LLC formations are eligible for BizFilings’ registered agent service, valid for six months. Unlike many other services, they do not offer the option to choose out of the service or appoint your registered agent during the checkout process.

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