Arizona Business Name Search

A search for Arizona business registrations on the Secretary of State’s website will give you information on any Arizona business entity or corporation. This search is free of charge and is the first step towards forming an LLC.

You are looking for an Arizona LLC name?

Your name must contain the abbreviation LLC oder L.L.C. The abbreviation L.L.C. or LLC must be included at the end of your name. It cannot include the words Corporation, Incorporated or any other abbreviations. Names must be distinguished from others.

  • Arizona incorporates businesses, limited partnership, LLCs and nonprofits
  • Reserved names
  • Fictitious names
  • Trade names
  • Foreign corporations, LLCs, limited partners, and non-profits that do business within the state.

These differences aren’t usually considered to be distinct in most cases.

  • Designators like L.L.C. Designators like L.L.C.
  • Words such as a, an and the
  • Hyphens
  • Slashes
  • Commas
  • Periods
  • Singular vs. Plural or Possessive Words

Use the:

1. The Arizona Corporation Commission’s online entity search.

2. As your search type, choose “Starts With”.

3. Without an LLC at end or punctuation, type your desired name in Entity Name field. You can see what could be identical by checking the first two words.

4. Select All to select entity type.

5. Click on Search and Name Availability Check

If you don’t see the name that you are looking for or a name similar to it, it is possible. Do not file paperwork if you are unsure if the name of your LLC is distinguishable. If the name is not available, the state can let you know. Arizona’s Corporation Commission states that names are sometimes distinguished when:

  • Names can be prepositional or combined. For example, Into the Deep LLC differs from To the Deep LLC. Of Mice and Men LLC has a different name than Mice and Men LLC.
  • The same words can be used in a different order. House Party LLC doesn’t look the same as Party House LLC
  • Words are sometimes spelled differently, or creatively, as Krispy Kream and Crispy Cream.
  • These abbreviations can be found. Computer Solution Technology is different from Computer Solution Tech or CS Technology.
  • Only single letters and symbols are allowed. For example, Dollar Cleaners differs from $ Cleaners.
  • Arizona is now known by a new name
  • Roman numerals can be found in the name. They are distinguishable from words that refer to numbers, or words for words about numbers. However, words and numbers are legally identical
  • The name is written in a foreign language. Rio Verde is distinguished from Green River

DBAs and Trade Names

A DBA can be used in certain situations. But, you can’t use unregistered names on any official documents. It is illegal to use a trade name if it is already used by another company. It is a good idea for you to run an Arizona business registration check to ensure the name you’re interested in isn’t already in use.

You can then file a DBA to Arizona to use a name other than the company name. You can secure a trade mark for your company by registering it. It can be used as an official name for opening bank accounts, entering into contracts, and other tasks.

The Arizona Trade Name Registration Application is required to register for an Arizona DBA. Arizona’s Trade Name and Trademark Handbook provides more information regarding the forms and paperwork needed to maintain or dissolve an Arizona DBA. You may need to register for an Arizona DBA or tradename. These requirements can change from one county in the state. Most counties have a County Clerk that can assist you in filing DBAs. It is necessary to register:

  • The name of your company
  • Its business address
  • The potential new DBA name
  • The purpose of the business or its general mission
  • Arizona’s first use of the DBA.
  • Certificate of incorporation required for LLCs, corporations, and LLC’s
  • The signature of the applicant and/or members or officers
  • Notarization
  • A fee
  • If you prefer to file electronically with paper, this envelope can be stamped and self-addressed.
  • Each five-year renewal

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